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The emerald Ionian Islands with their untapped unique nature dispatch every traveller to the age of romanticism while local resorts with grand luxury hotels promise the best holidays you’ve ever had. From the ancient times and to our days the place has been prominent for its fairy beauty and the richness of the Greek culture. Here we site a detailed guide containing extensive information about vacationing on the Ionian Islands of Greece, handily classified by islands in order to help you with your choice. It provides an ability to find an appropriate good ranked hotel for a reasonable price in a suitable spot.
All the Ionian Islands are popular with tourists and attract thousands of them from all over the world during the summer season. The place offers all kinds of rest such as archaeological, spiritual, sea-going, ecotourism, etc. The islands also appeal to those who stay at hotels. You can delay your leaving for one more week and hire a car to discover the depths of the place in it. Incidentally, car-rent prices here are much lower than on the mainland, so if you’re looking for cheap holidays, don’t miss the opportunity. Most of the beaches at the Ionians are pebbly and inhabited by sea urchins, thus it’s better to bathe in sandals or from a board.
The Ionian Islands are green and fertile, covered with olive and cypress groves. Each island reminds us of some old myth we heard when we were kids. An especially strong connection the islands have with Homer and his works. Natives are smiling, hospitable and merry people, singing and dancing all around. You’ll always be welcome here.
Visit the Ionian Islands and let their magic enchant you.
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